ADAICO was founded in 1966 to attend the needs of the automotive market, then on the increase. The Company gradually acquired market shares, at the outset in the regional and domestic spheres. Soon afterwards the company saw the need to expand its scope of action and look overseas.

Its products, especially those related to truck bodywork, had a great potential for growth in Europe where, over the years, bodywork with lateral canvas or curtainsides has become more predominant. In view of the extraordinary growth in their foreign markets, ADAICO was forced to set up installations closer to its main European customers. So, in 1991 a warehouse and commercial offices were established in Belgium to give a closer, consistent service to their increasing number of clients.

The same reasons prompted the Management of the Company, in 1992, to open a commercial office in Portugal, where ADAICO's position is becoming increasingly more important. Even the head office in Pamplona, Spain was becoming too small to attend to all the demands of a growing market. It became necessary, therefore, to open new installations of over 7000 m2 in the "Ciudad de Transporte" (Industrial Park for Transport).

The new plant was inaugurated in 1999 with an extraordinary capacity of bodywork output for trucks and their accessories.The final step taken by ADAICO to increase their presence abroad was the inauguration in 2002 of new offices and warehouses in Germany, replacing the functions and scope of action of the Belgium branch. From here it will be possible to attend more efficiently the markets in Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Austria, East European countries, Turkey and Israel.



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